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The glory of relationship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship, it's the spiritual inspiration that comes when we discover that someone else believes and is willing to trust.

We have prepared a strong foundation of trust, co-operation and faith. Now we are building relationship over this foundation. To help this building stand high in this big arena of healthcare industry we expect your continuous trust and support. So, let us join hands in our quest for manual growth.


Welcome to Zytras Pharmaceuticals. Zytras is one of the fastest growing company which have its firm belief in the ideology of trust. We deeply value the trust of our people, customers and partners that drives us to deliver best quality products and timely services. It is their trust that has helped us to grow and expand our reach rapidly not only in Philippines but in overseas as well. We are putting our best effort to be the most reliable marketers and exporters of pharmaceutical formulations. We aim to successfully develop and market innovative products that will improve and enhance human life. But still, why trust Zytras...

Realistic Vision
Stated Mission
To evolve better and economical drugs for a healthier life that will serve society in a better way.
To maintain innovation in research, development & manufacturing to keep customers' trust intact.
Clear Objective
Strong Value
To achieve the recognition as the mist trusted company in the pharmaceutical industry and make our presence in the national and international market.

Trust, honesty, fairness are core values of Zytras. We believe in these traits as we believe in humanity that is why we always look forward to serve humanity with complete conviction and devotion.
Corporate Responsibility
Growing Strength
Zytras fueled its growth and shaped its development by increasing its capability and following ethical practices. Underneath this drive for continuing market leadership is a profound and broad understanding of its social role. As a corporate we deeply understand our responsibility towards society and environment.
The trust of our customers, people and partners is our strength. It is their trust that led us till here. In order to stand aright on their faith we will keep innovating new products at efficient cost with best services.

Responsible People
Best Manufacturing
The team of reliable & responsible people is the biggest assets of Zytras. We believe in family culture and treat our people as the member of Zytras family. The credibility of our family can be judged over their experience and professionalism they prossess.
We take special care in the manufacturing of our products. We understand the importance of technology; therefore our products are manufactured through latest technology and under best manufacturing techniques.

Expanding Presence
Brigth Future
It is our hard work and dedication that Zytras is expanding its wings in national and international market. We are receiving positive responses from everywhere. With the help of your trust and co-operation we are determined to make our presence felt all over the world.
We foresee ample opportunities in the years to come with our expanding business and satisfied list of customers. We intend to multiply our growth using aggressive strategies in various dimensions of healthcare industry.


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